Commit fc889da1 authored by Philipp Arras's avatar Philipp Arras
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Remove intermediate functionality from iteration controllers

parent be972356
......@@ -90,41 +90,33 @@ class GradientNormController(IterationController):
name : str, optional
if supplied, this string and some diagnostic information will be
printed after every iteration
p : float
Order of norm, default is the 2-Norm (p=2)
def __init__(self, tol_abs_gradnorm=None, tol_rel_gradnorm=None,
convergence_level=1, iteration_limit=None, name=None, p=2):
convergence_level=1, iteration_limit=None, name=None):
self._tol_abs_gradnorm = tol_abs_gradnorm
self._tol_rel_gradnorm = tol_rel_gradnorm
self._convergence_level = convergence_level
self._iteration_limit = iteration_limit
self._name = name
self._p = p
def start(self, energy):
self._itcount = -1
self._ccount = 0
if self._tol_rel_gradnorm is not None:
self._tol_rel_gradnorm_now = self._tol_rel_gradnorm * self._norm(energy)
self._tol_rel_gradnorm_now = self._tol_rel_gradnorm \
* energy.gradient_norm
return self.check(energy)
def _norm(self, energy):
# FIXME Only p=2 norm is cached in energy class
if self._p == 2:
return energy.gradient_norm
return energy.gradient.norm(self._p)
def check(self, energy):
self._itcount += 1
inclvl = False
if self._tol_abs_gradnorm is not None:
if self._norm(energy) <= self._tol_abs_gradnorm:
if energy.gradient_norm <= self._tol_abs_gradnorm:
inclvl = True
if self._tol_rel_gradnorm is not None:
if self._norm(energy) <= self._tol_rel_gradnorm_now:
if energy.gradient_norm <= self._tol_rel_gradnorm_now:
inclvl = True
if inclvl:
self._ccount += 1
......@@ -136,7 +128,7 @@ class GradientNormController(IterationController):
"{}: Iteration #{} energy={:.6E} gradnorm={:.2E} clvl={}"
.format(self._name, self._itcount, energy.value,
self._norm(energy), self._ccount))
energy.gradient_norm, self._ccount))
# Are we done?
if self._iteration_limit is not None:
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