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......@@ -86,6 +86,24 @@ def apply_erf(wgt, dist, lo, mid, hi, erf):
class LOSResponse(LinearOperator):
"""Line-of-sight response operator
This operator transforms from a single RGSpace to an unstructured domain
with as many entries as there were lines of sight passed to the
constructor. Adjoint application is also provided.
domain : RGSpace or DomainTuple
The operator's input domain. This must be a single RGSpace.
starts, ends : numpy.ndarray(float) with two dimensions
Arrays containing the start and end points of the individual lines
of sight. The first dimension must have as many entries as `domain`
has dimensions. The second dimensions must be identical for both arrays
and indicated the total number of lines of sight.
sigmas_low, sigmas_up : numpy.ndarray(float) (optional)
For expert use. If unsure, leave blank.
def __init__(self, domain, starts, ends, sigmas_low=None, sigmas_up=None):
super(LOSResponse, self).__init__()
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