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Add another test for regridding operator

parent c36c8ee5
......@@ -17,21 +17,29 @@
# and financially supported by the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes.
import unittest
from itertools import product
from test.common import expand
from numpy.testing import assert_allclose
from numpy.testing import assert_allclose, assert_equal
import nifty5 as ift
from itertools import product
class Regridding_Tests(unittest.TestCase):
ift.RGSpace(8, distances=12.9),
ift.RGSpace(59, distances=.24, harmonic=True),
ift.RGSpace([12, 3])
def test_value(self, s):
Regrid = ift.RegriddingOperator(s, s.shape, 0)
Regrid = ift.RegriddingOperator(s, s.shape)
f = ift.from_random('normal', Regrid.domain)
assert_allclose(f.to_global_data(), Regrid(f).to_global_data())
def test_value2(self):
npix, npix2 = 8, 3
sp = ift.RGSpace(npix)
Regrid = ift.RegriddingOperator(sp, (npix2,))
f = ift.from_random('normal', Regrid.domain)
assert_equal(f.integrate(), Regrid(f).integrate())
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