Commit e6a81c90 authored by Jakob Knollmüller's avatar Jakob Knollmüller
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GaussianEntropy consistency

parent 9a8ec556
......@@ -128,3 +128,11 @@ def test_bernoulli(field):
d = ift.Field(space, d)
energy = ift.BernoulliEnergy(d)
ift.extra.check_operator(energy, field, tol=1e-10)
def test_gaussian_entropy(field):
if isinstance(field.domain, ift.MultiDomain):
field = field.ptw("sigmoid")
energy = ift.library.variational_models.GaussianEntropy(field.domain)
ift.extra.check_operator(energy, field)
\ No newline at end of file
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