Commit b1f9d1a2 authored by theos's avatar theos
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Reworked apply_scalar_function in order to avoid unnecessary array copying.

parent 03a8b938
......@@ -406,32 +406,26 @@ class distributed_data_object(object):
remember_hermitianQ = self.hermitian
if inplace is True:
temp = self
if dtype is not None and self.dtype != np.dtype(dtype):
"WARNING: Inplace dtype conversion is not possible!")
temp = self.copy_empty(dtype=dtype)
if != 0:
local_data = self.get_local_data(copy=False)
try:[:] = function(
result_data = function(local_data)
"WARNING: Trying to use np.vectorize!")[:] = np.vectorize(function)(
result_data = np.vectorize(function)(local_data)
if inplace is True:
result_d2o = self
# Noting to do here. The value-empty array
# is also geometrically empty
result_d2o = self.copy_empty(dtype=result_data.dtype)
result_d2o.set_local_data(result_data, copy=False)
if function in (np.exp, np.log):
temp.hermitian = remember_hermitianQ
result_d2o.hermitian = remember_hermitianQ
temp.hermitian = False
return temp
result_d2o.hermitian = False
return result_d2o
def apply_generator(self, generator, copy=False):
""" Evaluates generator(local_shape) and stores the result locally.
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