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......@@ -167,15 +167,6 @@ class VariableCovarianceGaussianEnergy(EnergyOperator):
return res.add_metric(SamplingDtypeSetter(met, self._sampling_dtype))
def _build_MultiScalingOperator(domain, scales):
op = None
for k, dom in domain.items():
o = ScalingOperator(dom, scales[k])
FA = FieldAdapter(dom, k)
o = FA.adjoint @ o @ FA
op = o if op is None else op + o
return op
class GaussianEnergy(EnergyOperator):
"""Computes a negative-log Gaussian.
......@@ -197,7 +188,7 @@ class GaussianEnergy(EnergyOperator):
Operator domain. By default it is inferred from `mean` or
`covariance` if specified
sampling_dtype : type
Here one can specify whether the distribution is a compelx Gaussian or
Here one can specify whether the distribution is a complex Gaussian or
not. Note that for a complex Gaussian the inverse_covariance is
.. math ::
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