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Changes since NIFTy 5:
Interface Change for non-linear Operators
The method `Operator.apply()` takes a `Linearization` or a `Field` or a
`MultiField` as input. This has not changed. However, now each non-linear
operator assumes that the input `Linearization` comes with an identity operator
as jacobian. Also it is assumed that the `apply()` method returns a
`Linearization` with the jacobian of the operator itself. The user is not in
charge anymore of stacking together the jacobians of operator chains. Something
like `x.jac` should not appear in any self-written `apply()` methods. The method
`Operator._check_input` tests if this condition is met. The same goes for the
metric. There is no need anymore to call `SandwichOperator` in an `apply()`
method when implementing new energies. This change should not lead to unexpected
behaviour since both `Operator._check_input()` and
`extra.check_jacobian_consistency()` tests for the new conditions to be
Special functions for complete Field reduction operations
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