Commit 938935b9 authored by Philipp Frank's avatar Philipp Frank Committed by Philipp Arras
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Hotfix vcge

parent e60207e1
......@@ -240,7 +240,7 @@ class VariableCovarianceGaussianEnergy(LikelihoodOperator):
invoking the residual is used instead.
r = FieldAdapter(self._domain[self._kr], self._kr)
ivar = FieldAdapter(self._domain[self._kr], self._ki)
ivar = FieldAdapter(self._domain[self._kr], self._ki).real
sc = 1. if self._cplx else 0.5
return self._dt, r.adjoint@(ivar.ptw('sqrt')*r) + ivar.adjoint@(sc*ivar.ptw('log'))
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