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fix StudentTEnergy docstring

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......@@ -250,20 +250,18 @@ class InverseGammaLikelihood(EnergyOperator):
class StudentTEnergy(EnergyOperator):
"""Computes likelihood energy of expected event frequency constrained by
event data.
"""Computes likelihood energy corresponding to Student's t-distribution.
.. math ::
E(f) = -\\log \\text{Bernoulli}(d|f)
= -d^\\dagger \\log f - (1-d)^\\dagger \\log(1-f),
E_\\theta(f) = -\\log \\text{StudentT}_\\theta(f)
= \\frac{\\theta + 1}{2} \\log(1 + \\frac{f^2}{\\theta}),
where f is a field defined on `d.domain` with the expected
frequencies of events.
where f is a field defined on `domain`.
d : Field
Data field with events (1) or non-events (0).
domain : `Domain` or `DomainTuple`
Domain of the operator
theta : Scalar
Degree of freedom parameter for the student t distribution
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