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>>> import nifty4 as ift
Technical bird's eye view
The fundamental building blocks required for IFT computations are best recognized from a large distance, ignoring all technical details.
From such a perspective,
- IFT problems largely consist of *minimization* problems involving a large number of equations.
- The equations are built mostly from the application of *linear operators*, but there may also be nonlinear functions involved.
- The unknowns in the equations represent either continuous physical *fields*, or they are simply individual measured *data* points.
- The locations and volume elements attached to discretized *field* values are supplied by *space* objects. There are many variants of such discretized *spaces* supported by NIFTy4, including Cartesian and spherical geometries and their harmonic counterparts. *Fields* can live on arbitrary products of such *spaces*.
In the following sections, the concepts briefly presented here will be discussed in more detail; this is done in reversed order of their introduction, to avoid forward references.
.. _domainobjects:
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