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......@@ -74,9 +74,12 @@ GeoMetricKL
A new posterior approximation scheme, called geometric Variational Inference
(geoVI) was introduced. `GeoMetricKL` is analogous to `MetricGaussianKL` with
the exception that geoVI samples are used instead of MGVI samples. For further
details see (<>).
(geoVI) was introduced. `GeoMetricKL` extends `MetricGaussianKL` in the sense
that it uses (non-linear) geoVI samples instead of (linear) MGVI samples.
`GeoMetricKL` can be configured such that it reduces to `MetricGaussianKL`.
`GeoMetricKL` is now used in `demos/` and a visual
comparison to MGVI can be found in `demos/`. For further details
see (<>).
......@@ -86,7 +89,7 @@ A new subclass of `EnergyOperator` was introduced and all `EnergyOperator`s
that are likelihoods are now `LikelihoodOperator`s. A `LikelihoodOperator`
has to implement the function `get_transformation`, which returns a
coordinate transformation in which the Fisher metric of the likelihood becomes
the identity matrix.
the identity matrix. This is needed for the `GeoMetricKL` algorithm.
Changes since NIFTy 5
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