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Solve median and std

parent ec62ebd2
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import numbers as numbers
import numpy as np
......@@ -1175,7 +1176,11 @@ class distributed_data_object(object):
def std(self, axis=None):
""" Returns the standard deviation of the d2o's elements. """
return np.sqrt(self.var(axis=axis))
var = self.var(axis=axis)
if isinstance(var, numbers.Number):
return np.sqrt(var)
return var.apply_scalar_function(np.sqrt)
def argmin(self):
""" Returns the (flat) index of the d2o's smallest value.
......@@ -1284,7 +1289,12 @@ class distributed_data_object(object):
"WARNING: The current implementation of median is very expensive!")
median = np.median(self.get_full_data(), axis=axis, **kwargs)
return median
if isinstance(median, numbers.Number):
return median
return distributed_data_object(global_data=median,
def _is_helper(self, function):
""" _is_helper is used for functions like isreal, isinf, isfinite,...
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