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Changes since NIFTy 5:
Removal of the standard parallelization scheme:
When several MPI tasks are present, NIFTy5 distributes every Field over these
tasks by splitting it along the first axis. This approach to parallelism is not
very efficient, and it has not been used by anyone for several years, so we
decided to remove it, which led to many simplifications within NIFTy.
User-visible changes:
- the methods `to_global_data`, `from_global_data`, `from_local_data` and
the property `local_data` have been removed from `Field` and `MultiField`.
Instead there are now the property `val` (returning a read-only numpy.ndarray
for `Field` and a dictionary of read-only numpy.ndarrays for `MultiField`) and
the method `val_rw()` (returning the same structures with writable copies of
the arrays). Fields and MultiFields can be created from such structures using
the static method `from_raw`
- the functions `from_global_data` and `from_local_data` in `sugar` have been
replaced by a single function called `makeField`
- the property `local_shape` has been removed from `Domain` (and subclasses)
and `DomainTuple`.
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