Commit 3eccfc5a authored by Gordian Edenhofer's avatar Gordian Edenhofer
Browse files Allow const. unit zero-mode

parent fab21926
......@@ -642,9 +642,15 @@ class CorrelatedFieldMaker:
offset_mean : float
Mean offset from zero of the correlated field to be made.
offset_std : tuple of float or instance of :class:`~nifty7.operators.operator.Operator` acting on scalar domain
offset_std : tuple of float, instance of \
:class:`~nifty7.operators.operator.Operator` acting on scalar \
domain, scalar or None
Mean standard deviation and standard deviation of the standard
deviation of the offset. No, this is not a word duplication.
The option to specify `None` or equivalently a scalar value of `1.`
only really makes sense for one dimensional amplitude spectral.
Take special care if using this option for multi-dimensional
amplitude spectra that this is really what you want.
dofdex : np.array of integers, optional
An integer array specifying the zero mode models used if
total_N > 1. It needs to have length of total_N. If total_N=3 and
......@@ -658,7 +664,9 @@ class CorrelatedFieldMaker:
logger.warning("Overwriting the previous mean offset and zero-mode")
self._offset_mean = offset_mean
if isinstance(offset_std, Operator):
if offset_std is None or (np.isscalar(offset_std) and offset_std == 1.):
self._azm = 1.
elif isinstance(offset_std, Operator):
self._azm = offset_std
if dofdex is None:
......@@ -704,9 +712,9 @@ class CorrelatedFieldMaker:
space=spaces[i]) @ ht
expander = ContractionOperator(hspace, spaces=spaces).adjoint
azm = expander @ self.azm
if np.isscalar(self.azm):
a = list(self.fluctuations)
a = list(self.get_normalized_amplitudes())
for ii in range(n_amplitudes):
co = ContractionOperator(hspace, spaces[:ii] + spaces[ii + 1:])
......@@ -715,6 +723,11 @@ class CorrelatedFieldMaker:
a[ii] = co.adjoint @ pd @ a[ii]
corr = reduce(mul, a)
xi = ducktape(hspace, None, self._prefix + 'xi')
if np.isscalar(self.azm):
op = ht(corr * xi)
expander = ContractionOperator(hspace, spaces=spaces).adjoint
azm = expander @ self.azm
op = ht(azm * corr * xi)
if self._offset_mean is not None:
......@@ -772,7 +785,15 @@ class CorrelatedFieldMaker:
The amplitude operators are corrected for the otherwise degenerate
zero-mode. Their scales are only meaningful relative to one another.
Their absolute scale bares no information.
In the case of no zero-mode, i.e. an assumed zero-mode of unity, this
call is equivalent to the `fluctuations` property.
if np.isscalar(self.azm):
return self.fluctuations
normal_amp = []
for amp in self._a:
a_target =
......@@ -808,6 +829,9 @@ class CorrelatedFieldMaker:
raise NotImplementedError(s)
normal_amp = self.get_normalized_amplitudes()[0]
if np.isscalar(self.azm):
return normal_amp
expand = ContractionOperator(, len( - 1
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