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......@@ -45,9 +45,14 @@ class PowerSpace(Space):
(If binbounds has n entries, there will be n+1 bins, the first bin
starting at -inf, the last bin ending at +inf.)
(default : None)
if binbounds == None :
if binbounds == None:
Calculates the bounds from the kindex while applying the
logarithmic and nbin keywords.
Note: if "bindounds" is not None, both "logarithmic" and "nbin" must be
Note: if "binbounds", "logarithmic", and "nbin" are all None, then
"natural" binning is performed, i.e. there will be one bin for every
distinct k-vector length.
......@@ -93,11 +98,16 @@ class PowerSpace(Space):
dists = self._harmonic_partner.get_distance_array(
# sanity check
if binbounds is not None and not(nbin is None and logarithmic is None):
raise ValueError(
"if binbounds is defined, nbin and logarithmic must be None")
self._binbounds = None
if logarithmic is None and nbin is None and binbounds is None:
# compute the "natural" binning, i.e. there
# is one bin for every distinct k-vector length
tmp = dists.unique()
tmp = dists.unique() # expensive!
tol = 1e-12*tmp[-1]
# remove all points that are closer than tol to their right
# neighbors.
......@@ -142,7 +152,7 @@ class PowerSpace(Space):
bb, dists.get_local_data()))
bb, dists.get_local_data())) # also expensive!
self._rho = self._pindex.bincount().get_full_data()
self._kindex = self._pindex.bincount(
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