Commit 1e761a72 authored by Neel Shah's avatar Neel Shah
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fix functionality for applying to a multidimensional domain

parent b3ae70f0
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...@@ -126,7 +126,14 @@ class MatrixProductOperator(EndomorphicOperator): ...@@ -126,7 +126,14 @@ class MatrixProductOperator(EndomorphicOperator):
if self._spaces is None: if self._spaces is None:
if not self._flatten: if not self._flatten:
res = if times:
res = np.tensordot(m,x.val,axes=len(x.shape))
mat_axes = np.flip(self._mat_last_n)
field_axes = self._mat_first_n
res = np.tensordot(m,x.val,axes=(mat_axes,field_axes))
res = res.reshape(np.flip(res.shape))
else: else:
res = res =
return Field(self._domain, res) return Field(self._domain, res)
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