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Merge branch 'typo_in_docs' into 'NIFTy_7'

Typo in docs

See merge request ift/nifty!625
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......@@ -592,11 +592,11 @@ def calculate_position(operator, output):
def is_operator(obj):
"""Checks if object is operator-like.
"""Check if object is operator-like.
A simple `isinstance(obj, ift.Operator)` does give the expected
A simple `isinstance(obj, ift.Operator)` does not give the expected
result because, e.g., :class:`~nifty7.field.Field` inherits from
......@@ -604,19 +604,20 @@ def is_operator(obj):
def is_linearization(obj):
"""Checks if object is linearization-like."""
"""Check if object is linearization-like."""
return isinstance(obj, Operator) and obj.jac is not None
def is_fieldlike(obj):
"""Checks if object is field-like.
"""Check if object is field-like.
A simple `isinstance(obj, ift.Field)` does give the expected
A simple `isinstance(obj, ift.Field)` does not give the expected
result because users might have implemented another class which
behaves field-like but is not an instance of
:class:`~nifty7.field.Field`. Also not that instances of
:class:`~nifty7.linearization.Linearization` behave field-like.
:class:`~nifty7.field.Field`. Instances of
:class:`~nifty7.linearization.Linearization` are considered to be
return isinstance(obj, Operator) and obj.val is not None
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