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Added "apply_irfs" script.

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# coding: utf-8
import datetime
import yaml
import argparse
import pandas as pd
import scipy
import sklearn
import sklearn.ensemble
import ctapipe
from ctapipe.instrument import CameraGeometry
from ctapipe.instrument import TelescopeDescription
from ctapipe.instrument import OpticsDescription
from ctapipe.instrument import SubarrayDescription
from ctapipe.reco.event_processing import EnergyEstimatorPandas, DirectionEstimatorPandas, EventClassifierPandas
from astropy import units as u
from astropy.coordinates import SkyCoord, AltAz
from astropy.coordinates.angle_utilities import angular_separation, position_angle
from matplotlib import pyplot, colors
def info_message(text, prefix='info'):
This function prints the specified text with the prefix of the current date
text: str
date_str ="%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S")
print(f"({prefix:s}) {date_str:s}: {text:s}")
# =================
# === Main code ===
# =================
# --------------------------
# Adding the argument parser
arg_parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="""
This tools applies the trained random forests regressor on the "test" event files.
arg_parser.add_argument("--config", default="config.yaml",
help='Configuration file to steer the code execution.')
parsed_args = arg_parser.parse_args()
# --------------------------
# ------------------------------
# Reading the configuration file
file_not_found_message = """
Error: can not load the configuration file {:s}.
Please check that the file exists and is of YAML or JSON format.
config = yaml.load(open(parsed_args.config, "r"))
except IOError:
if 'direction_rf' not in config:
print('Error: the configuration file is missing the "direction_rf" section. Exiting.')
# ------------------------------
# -----------------
# MAGIC definitions
# MAGIC telescope positions in m wrt. to the center of CTA simulations
magic_tel_positions = {
1: [-27.24, -146.66, 50.00] * u.m,
2: [-96.44, -96.77, 51.00] * u.m
# MAGIC telescope description
magic_optics = OpticsDescription.from_name('MAGIC')
magic_cam = CameraGeometry.from_name('MAGICCam')
magic_tel_description = TelescopeDescription(name='MAGIC',
magic_tel_descriptions = {1: magic_tel_description,
2: magic_tel_description}
# -----------------
## RF classes to be used for recostruction
#estimator_classes = {
#'direction_rf': DirectionEstimatorPandas,
#'energy_rf': EnergyEstimatorPandas,
# Looping over MC / data etc
for data_type in config['data_files']:
# Using only the "test" sample
for sample in ['test_sample']:
shower_data = pd.DataFrame()
original_mc_data = pd.DataFrame()
# Reading data of all available telescopes and join them together
for telescope in config['data_files'][data_type][sample]:
info_message(f'Loading "{data_type}", sample "{sample}", telescope "{telescope}"',
tel_data = pd.read_hdf(config['data_files'][data_type][sample][telescope]['hillas_output'],
#orig_mc = pd.read_hdf(config['data_files'][data_type][sample][telescope]['hillas_output'],
shower_data = shower_data.append(tel_data)
#original_mc_data = original_mc_data.append(orig_mc)
# Sorting the data frame for convenience
shower_data = shower_data.reset_index()
shower_data.set_index(['obs_id', 'event_id', 'tel_id'], inplace=True)
# Dropping data with the wrong altitude
shower_data = shower_data.query('tel_alt < 1.5707963267948966')
#original_mc_data = original_mc_data.reset_index()
#original_mc_data.set_index(['obs_id', 'event_id', 'tel_id'], inplace=True)
# Computing the event "multiplicity"
shower_data['multiplicity'] = shower_data['intensity'].groupby(level=['obs_id', 'event_id']).count()
#original_mc_data['multiplicity'] = original_mc_data['true_energy'].groupby(level=['obs_id', 'event_id']).count()
# Applying RFs of every kind
for rf_kind in ['direction_rf', 'energy_rf', 'classifier_rf']:
info_message(f'Loading RF: {rf_kind}', prefix='ApplyRF')
if rf_kind == 'direction_rf':
estimator = DirectionEstimatorPandas(config[rf_kind]['features'],
elif rf_kind == 'energy_rf':
estimator = EnergyEstimatorPandas(config[rf_kind]['features'],
elif rf_kind == 'classifier_rf':
estimator = EventClassifierPandas(config[rf_kind]['features'],
# --- Applying RF ---
info_message(f'Applying RF: {rf_kind}', prefix='ApplyRF')
reco = estimator.predict(shower_data)
# Appeding the result to the main data frame
shower_data = shower_data.join(reco)
# Storing the reconstructed values for the given data sample
info_message('Saving the reconstructed data', prefix='ApplyRF')
for telescope in config['data_files'][data_type][sample]:
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