Commit 522af97c authored by Moritz Huetten's avatar Moritz Huetten
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Merge branch 'dev-aberti-fix-mc-hillas' into 'master'

Hillas calculation for MC creates empty files

Closes #14

See merge request ievo/icrr-mpp-pipe!6
parents 44e3396a 3d62b619
......@@ -244,7 +244,7 @@ def get_num_islands(camera, clean_mask, event_image):
return num_islands
def process_dataset_mc(input_mask, output_name, image_cleaning_settings):
def process_dataset_mc(input_mask, tel_id, output_name, image_cleaning_settings):
# Create event metadata container to hold event / observation / telescope IDs
# and MC true values for the event energy and direction. We will need it to add
# this information to the event Hillas parameters when dumping the results to disk.
......@@ -300,7 +300,7 @@ def process_dataset_mc(input_mask, output_name, image_cleaning_settings):
source = MAGICEventSource(input_url=input_file)
# Looping over the events
for event in source:
for event in source._mono_event_generator(telescope=f'M{tel_id}'):
tels_with_data = event.r1.tels_with_data
# Calibrating an event
......@@ -681,13 +681,15 @@ for data_type in data_type_to_process:
is_mc = data_type.lower() == "mc"
tel_id = re.findall('.*([_\d]+)', telescope)[0]
tel_id = int(tel_id)
if is_mc:
tel_id = re.findall('.*([_\d]+)', telescope)[0]
tel_id = int(tel_id)
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