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# Storage Usage
Place this app in **owncloud/apps/**
## Publish to App Store
# Installation
Place this app in **owncloud/apps/**
First get an account for the [App Store]( then run:
This app is only meant for admins, so best restrict it to the admin group in the app settings.
make appstore_package
Otherwise normal users will see it in their navigation but get an error when they try to access it.
The archive is located in build/artifacts/appstore and can then be uploaded to the App Store.
# Disclaimer
This app basically does SUMs over the oc_filecache table.
## Running tests
After [Installing PHPUnit]( run:
On our environment with ~1M rows, it takes a few seconds to load.
phpunit -c phpunit.xml
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Still, you might want to be careful if you have lots of files in your ownCloud.
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