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      partially addressing issues with the GPU kernel · ec5b3bec
      Pavel Kus authored
      This commit addresses several issues. It essentially forbids the use of
      the GPU kernel, which become obsolete and caused problems. But it
      does not complete remove the related code, nor does it forbid from
      explicitly selecting the GPU kernel. However, if the user does select
      it, the warning will be issued and the GENERIC kernel would be used
      instead. In the more details:
      * Commentin out operations in the GPU kernel, which do not compile with
        CUDA 10.1. This makes the kernel deffinitely not ussable (but it was
        true even before)
      * removing the gpu_tridiag_band option, sincie the tridiag->banded routine
        is actually not ported to GPU at all. This step will thus always be
        run on the CPU
      * removing the gpu_trans_ev_tridi_to_band option, since the GPU version
        of this step cannot run without the GPU kernel and it is not usable.
        This step will thus also be performed on the CPU
        COMPLEX_GPU_KERNEL_ONLY_WHEN_GPU_IS_ACTIVE such that the GPU kernel is
        not considered during the autotuning
      * TODO however, the GPU kernel can still be enforced by the user. In
        this case, during the calculation, a warning is issued and the kernel
        is switched to the GENERIC one. This should be improved and there
        should not even be the possibility to choose the GPU kernel at the
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      Allow ELPA to be build with single and double precision symbols in one · 647aa5a8
      Andreas Marek authored
      It the configure option "--enable-single-precision" is specified,
      ELPA will also be build for single precision usage. The double precision
      and single precision will be available at the same time with names
      "solve_evp_real_1stage_double" or "solve_evp_real_1stage_single" and
      so on...
      This change immplied some major refactoring of the ELPA code:
      1.) functions/procedures had to be renamed with suffix "_double"
      2.) If necessary the same functions have to be available with suffix
      3.) Variable kind definitions have to be consistent with the
      intented use
      To avoid uneccessary code duplication this is done (most of the time)
      with preprocessor string substitution.
      The documentation has been updated.
      NOT SUPPORTED are at the moment:
      - single precision usage of ELPA2 with kernels, others than "generic"
        and "generic_simple"
      - single precision usage of GPU