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    • Volker Blum's avatar
      VB: Added option to read in controlling parameters for the test*.f90 programs · 009323b9
      Volker Blum authored
          at runtime.
          If no input file is supplied when running any of the test* programs, the
          programs run with compiled-in default values as before.
          Optionally, a file 'test_parameters.in' can be supplied. In that case,
          each test* program checks for valid replacement parameters in the following format
          na 7000
          nev 3000
          nblk 32
          - the order of lines does not matter
          - any, all or none of the specified lines need be present
          - na is the marix dimension for which the test is run
          - nev is the number of desired eigenvalue/eigenvector pairs
          - nblk is the algorithmic block size, usually a relatively small number
            16, 32, 64 . Unreasonable values should be avoied, please check first.
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    • Rainer Johanni's avatar
      OpenMP enhancements for ELPA2 and new kernels. · 7decfbb3
      Rainer Johanni authored
      Added OpenMP enhancements to elpa2.f90
      Removed MPI-2 dependencies, ELPA should now work with pure MPI-1
      Added x86_64 optimized assembler version of the kernels.
      Added a straight forward and simple version of the kernels.
      Added a description of the kernels.
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    • Volker Blum's avatar
      VB, TA, RJ, AM: · d7a57612
      Volker Blum authored
      We have taken the unusual (one-time) step to modify the structure
      of the ELPA git repository as follows:
      1) The current ELPA version has been designated as a "stable"
         version. It has proven to be rock solid for us so far, and
         deserves this name.
      2) We have decided on a stable version naming scheme,
         "ELPA_year.month". The first such version is
         ELPA_2011.12. This version will only ever be updated
         for clear and unambiguous bug fixes.
      3) All further development will happen in the directory named
         ELPA_development_version. At this time, ELPA_2011.12 is an
         exact copy of ELPA_development_version.
      No substantial changes have been made to either repository as yet.
      (But we are happy to say that the present "ELPA" publication, which
      we hope ELPA users will cite, now has its final volume and page
      We apologize if this change causes any inconvenience for you. Please
      try to make sure that any changes you might make really affect the
      development version, and not the stable version. We do not plan any
      structural changes of a similar scope at any point in the future,
      but it had to be done once.
      Happy ELPA stable version day!
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    • Werner Jürgens's avatar
      RJ: Added two programs to read (and process) matrices from files. · ab963a3e
      Werner Jürgens authored
      There are two new programs which read matrices from a file, solve the
      real (generalized) eigenvalue problem, print the eigenvalues and check
      the result (all using elpa1 only).
      The author of these programs (plus documentation and Makefile) is
      Rainer Johanni (RJ). The files are checked in by Werner Jürgens.
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