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    • Lorenz Huedepohl's avatar
      First implementation of an autotuning procedure · 0ebe4802
      Lorenz Huedepohl authored
      To be used like this
         class(elpa_t), pointer      :: e
         class(elpa_autotune_t), pointer :: tune_state
         e => elpa_allocate()
         call e%set(...)
         tune_state => e%autotune_setup(ELPA_AUTOTUNE_FAST, ELPA_AUTOTUNE_DOMAIN_REAL)
         ! Autotuning loop, continues until all combinations have been tried
         do while (e%autotune_step(tune_state))
           ! Do the steps that are representative of your calculation
           call e%eigenvectors(a, ev, z, error)
         end do
         ! Fix best parameters, and de-allocate the autotune object
         call e%autotune_set_best(tune_state)
         call elpa_autotune_deallocate(tune_state)
  7. 12 Jun, 2017 1 commit
    • Lorenz Huedepohl's avatar
      Had to move some functions to the public namespace · 38335f50
      Lorenz Huedepohl authored
      The PGI compiler (of course) complained about a missing module
      (elpa_generated_fortran_interfaces.mod) when compiling the test
      It is true (in a way) that some part of this module is indeed necessary,
      as the public-facing function signatures have arguments that are
      referring to those three functions in their type:
        elpa_int_value_to_string_c(name, value, string)
        elpa_int_value_to_strlen_c(name, value)
      Thus, for these three we create another header prefix,
      for Fortran definitions that should be public. Those are included in
  8. 30 May, 2017 1 commit
    • Lorenz Huedepohl's avatar
      Support private index entries · f8c2784e
      Lorenz Huedepohl authored
      These can be used internally by
        call self%set_private(name, value)
        call self%get_private(name, value)
      but are not valid for the self%set()/get() routines, i.e. are not
      visible to users of ELPA.
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    • Lorenz Huedepohl's avatar
      Some cleanup of the "time_evp*" entries · 768db157
      Lorenz Huedepohl authored
      We decided not to provide this information via the key/value store, but
      rather to use the ftimings module for that.
      @loh will take care to implement ftimings in the new API
      @amarek wants to port the legacy API so that the old global module
        variables still contain valid values
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