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Mention new configure flags in

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......@@ -64,6 +64,11 @@ An excerpt of the most important (*ELPA* specific) options reads as follows:
| --enable-autotuning | enables autotuning functionality, default yes |
| --enable-c-tests | enables the C tests for elpa, default yes |
| --disable-assumed-size | do NOT use assumed-size Fortran arrays. default use |
| --enable-scalapack-tests | build also ScalaPack tests for performance comparison; needs MPI |
| --disable-Fortran2008-features | disable Fortran 2008 if compiler does not support it |
| --enable-pyhton | build and install python wrapper, default no |
| --enable-python-tests | enable python tests, default no. |
We recommend that you do not build ELPA in its main directory but that you use it
in a sub-directory:
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