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Update of INSTALL documentation for ELPA OpenMP

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......@@ -90,8 +90,20 @@ B) Installing ELPA without the autotools procedure
- the file elpa2.F90 uses preprocessor defines for the different kernels.
you will have to do this by hand, if you do not use the autotools
- also the test programs now use preprocessor defines, discriminating
between version with and without OpenMP
- it is entirely possible that due to ever growing complexity of ELPA
in future releases the build procedure without autotools will not be
supported anymore
Thus, if you really want to use ELPA this way and not with the autotools
please ensure the following
- make yourself familiar with the preprocessor flags you will need
for your configuration of ELPA and define them in a file "config-f90.h"
- adapte the Makefile.example accordingly to your needs
Again, it is strongly encouraged to use the autotools build procedure!
How to use ELPA:
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