Commit dd427f38 authored by Lorenz Huedepohl's avatar Lorenz Huedepohl
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Work around Intel's -openmp

Intel had the bright idea to name their OpenMP command line flag


which of course cannot be distinguished from

  -o penmp

It seems they also realized this and now also allow -fopenmp or -qopenmp
as flags. Due to commit 2121b2e5 the autodetected -openmp was now
appended into the linker command line at the end, causing all C programs
to be named "penmp".

Fix by trying the -fopenmp, -qopenmp flags before -openmp in the
Fortran compiler flag detection m4 macro.
parent 5ceffa79
......@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@ AC_DEFUN([AX_ELPA_OPENMP],
dnl will fail (since we know that it failed without the option),
dnl therefore the loop will continue searching for an option, and
dnl no output file called 'penmp' or 'mp' is created.
for ac_option in -openmp -fopenmp -xopenmp -mp -omp -qsmp=omp; do
for ac_option in -fopenmp -qopenmp -xopenmp -mp -omp -qsmp=omp -openmp; do
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