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Remove obsolete preprocessor flags

parent 70eedfc6
......@@ -51,13 +51,6 @@ module qr_utils_mod
public :: reverse_matrix_1dcomm
public :: reverse_matrix_2dcomm_ref
#ifdef OLD
public :: tsqr_groups_size
public :: tsqr_groups_initialize
public :: tsqr_groups_finalize
! rev parameter is critical, even in rev only mode!
......@@ -393,95 +386,4 @@ subroutine reverse_matrix_1dcomm(trans,m,n,b,a,lda,work,lwork,mpicomm)
end do
end subroutine reverse_matrix_1dcomm
#if 0
integer function tsqr_groups_size(comm,treeorder)
use mpi
implicit none
! input
integer comm,treeorder
! local scalars
integer mpiprocs,mpierr
integer nr_groups,depth,treeprocs
call MPI_Comm_size(comm,mpiprocs,mpierr)
! integer logarithm with base treeorder
do while(treeprocs .lt. mpiprocs)
treeprocs = treeprocs * treeorder
depth = depth + 1
end do
tsqr_groups_size = nr_groups
end function
subroutine tsqr_groups_initialize(comm,treeorder,groups)
use mpi
implicit none
! input
integer comm,treeorder
! output
integer, allocatable :: groups(:)
! local scalars
integer nr_groups,igroup,mpierr,mpirank
integer split_color,split_key
integer prev_treeorder,temp_treeorder
nr_groups = tsqr_groups_size(comm,treeorder)
groups(1) = comm
call MPI_Comm_rank(comm,mpirank,mpierr)
prev_treeorder = 1
temp_treeorder = treeorder
do igroup=2,nr_groups
if (mod(mpirank,prev_treeorder) .eq. 0) then
split_color=mpirank / temp_treeorder
split_key=mod(mpirank / prev_treeorder,treeorder)
split_color = MPI_UNDEFINED
split_key = 0 ! ignored due to MPI_UNDEFINED color
end if
call MPI_Comm_split(comm,split_color,split_key,groups(igroup),mpierr)
prev_treeorder = temp_treeorder
temp_treeorder = temp_treeorder * treeorder
end do
end subroutine
subroutine tsqr_groups_finalize(groups,treeorder)
use mpi
implicit none
! input
integer, allocatable :: groups(:)
integer treeorder
! local scalars
integer nr_groups,igroup,mpierr
nr_groups = tsqr_groups_size(groups(1),treeorder)
do igroup=2,nr_groups
call MPI_Comm_free(groups(igroup),mpierr)
end do
end subroutine
end module
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