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Tar archives of ELPA

In addition to the "normal" ELPA git directories, I created
a directory tar-archives.
In this directory one should put tar-balls of the different versions
of the ELPA library.

Since the tar-balls "loose" the git history and are only a snapshot
of the respective version at the time of creation, one should name
the tar balls accordingly.

I opted now for the naming of

ELPA_VERSION_day_month_year_of_creation.tar.gz, e.g with the commit
from today (17/06/2013) I created from the ELPA_VERSION "ELPA_2011.12"
a tar ball named "ELPA_2011.12_17062013.tar.gz".
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......@@ -44,3 +44,8 @@ consider the development version absolutely stable. At the time of the
"branching", the new stable version should be an exact copy of the
development one.
in addition to the directories with the sources for the aforementioned
versions of ELPA there exist a directory "tar-archives", which contains
tar-balls with current snapshots of the different versions
This directory contains tar-balls of different Versions of the ELPA library.
At the moment these tar-balls are only available via the ELPA git repository,
but this might change in the future. Since the tar-balls represent a snapshot
of the ELPA git repository the naming is the following:
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