Commit c1732c8d authored by Lorenz Huedepohl's avatar Lorenz Huedepohl
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Remove debug prints from C autotune version

parent b32e308e
......@@ -2605,10 +2605,10 @@ module elpa_impl
!> \brief function to setup the ELPA autotuning and create the autotune object
!> Parameters
!> \param self class(elpa_impl_t) the allocated ELPA object
!> \param self the allocated ELPA object
!> \param level integer: the "thoroughness" of the planed autotuning
!> \param domain integer: the domain (real/complex) which should be tuned
!> \result tune_state class(elpa_autotune_t): the created autotuning object
!> \result tune_state the created autotuning object
function elpa_autotune_setup(self, level, domain, error) result(tune_state)
class(elpa_impl_t), intent(inout), target :: self
integer, intent(in) :: level, domain
......@@ -2677,18 +2677,15 @@ module elpa_impl
integer(kind=c_int) , intent(in) :: error
print *,"Calling c_f_pointer handle"
call c_f_pointer(handle, self)
print *,"Calling setup"
print *,level,domain
tune_state => self%autotune_setup(level, domain, error)
print *,"After setup"
select type(tune_state)
class is (elpa_autotune_impl_t)
obj => tune_state
class default
print *, "This should not happen"
end select
ptr = c_loc(obj)
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