Commit ae0e6dd9 authored by Soheil Soltani's avatar Soheil Soltani
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Change buffer size for the pure blocked configuration

in pure blocked config the buffer size should be slightly increased to accomodate message sizes
parent 377ac3b8
......@@ -165,7 +165,7 @@ void cannons_reduction_impl(math_type* A, math_type* U, C_INT_TYPE np_rows, C_IN
if(na%nblk == 0)
if(my_prow <= last_proc_row)
Buf_rows = na_rows;
Buf_rows = na_rows + 1; //Soheil: added + 1 to be able to accomodate for MPI message sizes in the case of pure blocked configuration e.g. na=100; with 9xMPI ranks and nblk=30 or with 4xMPI ranks and nblk=45
Buf_rows = na_rows + nblk;
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