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WJ: Explained the structure of binary test files.

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......@@ -159,9 +159,14 @@ other piece of code.
arguments 2 and 3 are the names of the files which contain matrices
A and B.
The record structure of the files containing matrices is as follows:
The structure of the matrix files for read_real and read_real_gen
depends on the format of the files:
- 1st line containing matrix size
* ASCII format (both read_real and read_real_gen):
The files must contain the following lines:
- 1st line containing the matrix size
- then following the upper half of the matrix in column-major
(i.e. Fortran) order, one number per line:
......@@ -175,3 +180,18 @@ other piece of code.
* Binary format (read_real_gen only):
The files must contain the following records:
- 1st record: matrix size (type integer)
- 2nd record: a(1,1)
- 3rd record: a(1,2) a(2,2)
- ...
- ... a(1,i) ... a(i,i)
- ...
- ... a(1,n) ... a(n,n)
The type of the matrix elements a(i,j) is real*8.
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