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This license can also be found in the sub-directory "COPYING"
Licensing and copyright terms for the ELPA library:
ELPA Consortium (2011)
Copyright of the original code rests with the authors inside the ELPA
consortium. The copyright of any additional modifications shall rest
with their original authors, but shall adhere to the licensing terms
set forth below.
The code is distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
License version 3 (LGPL). The full text can be found in the file "lgpl.txt"
in this repository. "COPYING/lgpl.txt" makes reference to the GPL v3, which can also
be found in this repository ("COPYING/vi gpl.txt").
ELPA reflects a substantial effort on the part of the original
ELPA consortium, and we ask you to respect the spirit of the
license that we chose: i.e., please contribute any changes you
may have back to the original ELPA library distribution, and keep
any derivatives of ELPA under the same license that we chose for
the original distribution, the GNU Lesser General Public License.
When in doubt, talk to us. What we would like to ensure is that the ELPA
code can be used as needed, while providing a strong incentive for
others to contribute their modifications back to the original development.
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