Commit 82bfe40f authored by Pavel Kus's avatar Pavel Kus
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test all eigenvalues in test analytic

even if only part of eigenvectors are calculated, all eigenvalues should
be checked
parent e2d9b343
......@@ -115,10 +115,12 @@ module test_analytic
max_z_diff = ZERO
max_ev_diff = ZERO
do globJ = 1, nev
do globJ = 1, na
diff = abs(ev(globJ) - analytic_eigenvalues(na, globJ))
max_ev_diff = max(diff, max_ev_diff)
end do
do globJ = 1, nev
! calculated eigenvector can be in opposite direction
max_curr_z_diff_minus = ZERO
max_curr_z_diff_plus = ZERO
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