Unverified Commit 7fc4c5dc authored by Andreas Marek's avatar Andreas Marek
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Error in example project

The example program in ./test_project contained an error, which lead
to a crash.
parent 4d9b529b
......@@ -151,6 +151,12 @@ program test_real_example
na_rows = numroc(na, nblk, my_prow, 0, np_rows)
na_cols = numroc(na, nblk, my_pcol, 0, np_cols)
! All ELPA routines need MPI communicators for communicating within
! rows or columns of processes, these are set in get_elpa_communicators.
mpierr = get_elpa_communicators(mpi_comm_world, my_prow, my_pcol, &
mpi_comm_rows, mpi_comm_cols)
! set up the scalapack descriptor for the checks below
! For ELPA the following restrictions hold:
! - block sizes in both directions must be identical (args 4 a. 5)
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