Commit 7dcfd8ce authored by Wenzhe Yu's avatar Wenzhe Yu 😎
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Fix a bug in elpa_multiply_a_b

In elpa_multiply_a_b I wanted to call mpi_comm_rank but accidentally
called mpi_comm_size. This only affects the GPU initialization where
GPUs are assigned to CPU cores based on their MPI ranks.
parent 7ffc87c0
......@@ -157,7 +157,7 @@
call mpi_comm_size(int(mpi_comm_rows,kind=MPI_KIND) ,np_rowsMPI ,mpierr)
call mpi_comm_rank(int(mpi_comm_cols,kind=MPI_KIND) ,my_pcolMPI ,mpierr)
call mpi_comm_size(int(mpi_comm_cols,kind=MPI_KIND) ,np_colsMPI ,mpierr)
call mpi_comm_size(int(mpi_comm_all, kind=MPI_KIND) ,myidMPI ,mpierr)
call mpi_comm_rank(int(mpi_comm_all, kind=MPI_KIND) ,myidMPI ,mpierr)
my_prow = int(my_prowMPI,kind=c_int)
np_rows = int(np_rowsMPI,kind=c_int)
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