Commit 7db5c13f authored by Sebastian Ohlmann's avatar Sebastian Ohlmann
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Adapt PYTHONPATH in python test script

This ensures that the extension that is locally built is always found
first instead of potentially loading already existing modules in the
parent dea2012c
......@@ -655,7 +655,7 @@ endif
@echo '#!/bin/bash' > $@
# this is kind of hacky... is there a better way to get
@echo 'export PYTHONPATH=$$PYTHONPATH:$(top_srcdir)/python:./.libs' >> $@
@echo 'export PYTHONPATH=$(top_srcdir)/python:./.libs:$$PYTHONPATH' >> $@
# the dlopen flags are needed for MKL to work properly...
# only in os from python 3.3 on
@echo "$(wrapper) $(PYTHON) -c 'import sys, os; sys.setdlopenflags(os.RTLD_NOW | os.RTLD_GLOBAL); import pytest; pytest.main([\"$(top_srcdir)/python\"])'" >> $@
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