Commit 7cc5d92c authored by Andreas Marek's avatar Andreas Marek
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Publishing of ELPA 2017.05.001.rc1

parent 565de5df
......@@ -1002,9 +1002,10 @@ m4_foreach_w([elpa_m4_kind],[real complex],[
echo " "
echo "***********************************************************************"
echo "* This is a prerelease of the ELPA library 2016.11.001.pre library! *"
echo "* It contains an experimental API which will most likely change with *"
echo "* the next stable release. *"
echo "* This is a the release candidate ELPA 2017.05.001.rc1 *"
echo "* All functionality of the release ELPA 2017.05.001 is already, but *"
echo "* we wait for the end of the merge window, and/or user comments *"
echo "* before the official release is published *"
echo "***********************************************************************"
echo " "
make -f $srcdir/ generated-headers top_srcdir="$srcdir"
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