Commit 73d926be authored by Pavel Kus's avatar Pavel Kus Committed by Andreas Marek
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changing return code

and removing one extra check
parent 5a78064d
......@@ -497,7 +497,7 @@ module elpa_impl
call self%get("blacs_context", blacs_ctx, error)
if(check_elpa_get(error, ELPA_ERROR)) return
if(check_elpa_get(error, ELPA_ERROR_CRITICAL)) return
sc_desc(1) = 1
sc_desc(2) = blacs_ctx
......@@ -613,7 +613,6 @@ module elpa_impl
call self%get(option_name, val, actual_error)
if(check_elpa_get(error, ELPA_ERROR)) return
if (actual_error /= ELPA_OK) then
if (present(error)) then
error = actual_error
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