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......@@ -19,8 +19,7 @@ please note that *ELPA* is shipped with a typical "configure" and "make"
autotools procedure. This is the **only supported way** how to build and install *ELPA*.
If you obtained *ELPA* from the official git repository, you will not find
the needed configure script! Please look at the "**INSTALL_FROM_GIT_VERSION**" file
for the documentation how to proceed.
the needed configure script! You will have to create the configure scipt with autoconf.
## (A): Installing *ELPA* as library with configure ##
Welcome to the git-based distribution of the ELPA eigensolver library.
If you are reading this file, you have obtained the ELPA library
through the git repository that hosts the source code and also allows
you to contribute improvements to the project if necessary.
The git version does not contain the necessary build script:
configure, Makefile ...
If you use the git version, you are most likely actively developing
features/improvements for ELPA, and a rebuild of the autotools scripts
will be necessary anyway.
Thus please run "" after your changes, in order to build the
autotools scripts. Note that autoconf version >= 2.69 is needed for
After this step, please proceed as written in the "INSTALL" file.
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