Commit 65273b9a authored by Andreas Marek's avatar Andreas Marek
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Unintentionally uncommented wrong line

parent 7683d83c
......@@ -119,7 +119,7 @@ then
# interactive runs are not possible
echo "Running with $batchCommand with $SRUN_COMMANDLINE_CONFIGURE"
$batchCommand --ntasks-per-core=1 --ntasks=1 --cpus-per-task=1 $SRUN_COMMANDLINE_CONFIGURE bash -c ' {source /etc/profile.d/ && source ./ci_test_scripts/ci-env-vars && eval ./configure $configureArgs; }'
# $batchCommand --ntasks-per-core=1 --ntasks=1 --cpus-per-task=1 $SRUN_COMMANDLINE_CONFIGURE bash -c ' {source /etc/profile.d/ && source ./ci_test_scripts/ci-env-vars && eval ./configure $configureArgs; }'
$batchCommand --ntasks-per-core=1 --ntasks=1 --cpus-per-task=1 $SRUN_COMMANDLINE_CONFIGURE ./ci_test_scripts/ "$configureArgs"
if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then cat config.log && exit 1; fi
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