Commit 5659ad6f authored by Soheil Soltani's avatar Soheil Soltani
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Implement cudaDeviceSynchronize()

parent c54d95b9
......@@ -614,3 +614,7 @@ extern "C" void copy_float_complex_a_tmp1_FromC(float _Complex *a_dev, float _Co
printf("Error in executing copy_float_complex_a_tmp1_kernel: %s\n",cudaGetErrorString(cuerr));
extern "C" void device_synchronizeFromC() {
  • This should not be necessary. We have device_synchronize already implemented in

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......@@ -50,6 +50,12 @@ module invert_trm_cuda
implicit none
subroutine device_synchronize_c() &
bind(C, name="device_synchronizeFromC")
end subroutine
end interface
subroutine copy_double_a_tmat2_c(a_dev, tmat2_dev, nblk, matrixRows, l_cols, l_colx, l_row1, nb)&
bind(C, name="copy_double_a_tmat2_FromC")
......@@ -492,6 +498,9 @@ module invert_trm_cuda
end subroutine
subroutine device_synchronize()
call device_synchronize_c()
end subroutine device_synchronize
end module
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