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ELPA checks whether BLACSGRID setup is reasonable

In case of MPI calculations, ELPA does _not_ anymore rely on the user
to check that his provided BLACSGRID setup is reasonable.
Now ELPA does check this (again) during ELPA_SETUP and returns with
an error if this check fails
parent c56680ff
......@@ -16,6 +16,10 @@ issues
- BUG FIX in internal test programs: do not consider a residual of 0.0 to be
an error
- support for skew-symmetric matrices now enabled by default
- BUG FIX in generalized case: in setups like "mpiexec -np 4 ./validate_real_double_generalized_1stage_random 90 90 45`
- ELPA_SETUPS does now (in case of MPI-runs) check whether the user-provided BLACSGRID is reasonable (i.e. ELPA does
_not_ rely anymore that the user does check prior to calling ELPA whether the BLACSGRID is ok) if this check fails
then ELPA returns with an error
Changelog for ELPA 2020.11.001
......@@ -563,6 +563,7 @@ module elpa_impl
!> \param self class(elpa_impl_t), the allocated ELPA object
!> \result error integer, the error code
function elpa_setup(self) result(error)
use elpa_scalapack_interfaces
class(elpa_impl_t), intent(inout) :: self
integer :: error, timings, performance, build_config
......@@ -572,14 +573,15 @@ module elpa_impl
present_np_rows, present_np_cols, np_total
integer(kind=MPI_KIND) :: mpierr, mpierr2, my_idMPI, np_totalMPI, process_rowMPI, process_colMPI
integer(kind=MPI_KIND) :: mpi_comm_rowsMPI, mpi_comm_colsMPI, np_rowsMPI, np_colsMPI, &
mpi_string_lengthMPI, my_pcolMPI, my_prowMPI
character(len=MPI_MAX_ERROR_STRING) :: mpierr_string
integer(kind=BLAS_KIND) :: numroc_resultBLAS
integer(kind=c_int) :: info, na, nblk, na_rows, my_pcol, my_prow, numroc_result
character(*), parameter :: MPI_CONSISTENCY_MSG = &
"Provide mpi_comm_parent and EITHER process_row and process_col OR mpi_comm_rows and mpi_comm_cols. Aborting..."
!initialize likwid
call likwid_markerInit()
......@@ -755,7 +757,46 @@ module elpa_impl
! check first whether BLACS-GRID, which was setup by the user is reasonable. Too often this is _not_ done by the
! user and then there are complaints about "errors" in ELPA but the problem is in a misconfigured setup
call mpi_comm_rank(int(mpi_comm_rows,kind=MPI_KIND) ,my_prowMPI ,mpierr)
call mpi_comm_rank(int(mpi_comm_cols,kind=MPI_KIND) ,my_pcolMPI ,mpierr)
my_prow = int(my_prowMPI, kind=c_int)
my_pcol = int(my_pcolMPI, kind=c_int)
call self%get("na", na, error)
if (check_elpa_set(error, ELPA_ERROR_SETUP)) return
call self%get("nblk", nblk, error)
if (check_elpa_set(error, ELPA_ERROR_SETUP)) return
call self%get("local_nrows", na_rows, error)
if (check_elpa_set(error, ELPA_ERROR_SETUP)) return
numroc_resultBLAS = numroc(int(na, kind=BLAS_KIND), int(nblk, kind=BLAS_KIND), int(my_prow, kind=BLAS_KIND), &
0_BLAS_KIND, int(np_rows, kind=BLAS_KIND))
numroc_result=int(numroc_resultBLAS, kind=c_int)
info = 0
if ( na < 0 ) then
info = -2
else if ( nblk < 1 ) then
info = -4
else if ( np_rows .eq. -1 ) then
info = -8
else if ( na_rows < max( 1, numroc_result ) ) then
info = -9
if (info .ne. 0) then
print *,"ELPA_SETUP ERROR: your provided blacsgrid is not ok!"
print *,"BLACS_GRIDINFO returned an error! Aborting..."
#else /* WITH_MPI */
call self%set("process_row", 0, error)
if (check_elpa_set(error, ELPA_ERROR_SETUP)) return
call self%set("process_col", 0, error)
......@@ -768,7 +809,7 @@ module elpa_impl
if (check_elpa_set(error, ELPA_ERROR_SETUP)) return
call self%set("num_processes", 1, error)
if (check_elpa_set(error, ELPA_ERROR_SETUP)) return
#endif /* WITH_MPI */
call self%get("output_build_config",build_config, error)
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