Commit 504027c8 authored by Pavel Kus's avatar Pavel Kus
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back transforming only computed eigenvectors in generalized EVP

matrix-matrix multiplication restricted to work only with actually
computed nev eigenvectors
parent eef3f745
......@@ -105,17 +105,16 @@
error = self%construct_scalapack_descriptor(sc_desc)
if(error .NE. ELPA_OK) return
!todo: part of eigenvectors only
call self%timer_start("scalapack multiply inv(U) * Q")
#ifdef WITH_MPI
! Q <- inv(U) * Q
call p&
&trmm("L", "U", "N", "N", self%na, self%na, &
&trmm("L", "U", "N", "N", self%na, self%nev, &
ONE, b, 1, 1, sc_desc, q, 1, 1, sc_desc)
&trmm("L", "U", "N", "N", self%na, self%na, &
&trmm("L", "U", "N", "N", self%na, self%nev, &
ONE, b, self%na, q, self%na)
call self%timer_stop("scalapack multiply inv(U) * Q")
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