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Release of ELPA 2017.05.001.rc2

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## Current Release ##
The current release is ELPA 2017.05.001.rc1. The current supported API version
The current release is ELPA 2017.05.001.rc2. The current supported API version
is 20170403. This release supports the earliest API version 20170403.
## About *ELPA*
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ Local documentation (via man pages) should be available (if *ELPA* has been inst
For example "man elpa2_print_kernels" should provide the documentation for the *ELPA* program which prints all
the available kernels.
Also a [online doxygen documentation] (
Also a [online doxygen documentation] (
for each *ELPA* release is available.
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