Commit 4278a0d4 authored by Andreas Marek's avatar Andreas Marek
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new openmp directives in elpa2_bandred

parent d3a5bab4
......@@ -693,7 +693,11 @@ max_threads)
!This does not help performance due to the addition of two openmp barriers around the MPI call,
!But in the future this may be beneficial if these barriers are replaced with a faster implementation
!$omp parallel private(mynlc, j, lcx, ii, pp ) shared(aux1)
!$omp parallel &
!$omp default(none) &
!$omp shared(lc, istep, nbw, my_pcol, np_cols, nblk, &
!$omp& lr, vr, a_mat, transformChunkSize, tau, aux1, aux2, wantDebug, mpi_comm_rows, obj) &
!$omp private(mynlc, j, lcx, ii, pp, mpierr )
mynlc = 0 ! number of local columns
!This loop does not have independent iterations,
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