Commit 3e2b1128 authored by Wenzhe Yu's avatar Wenzhe Yu 😎
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Fix inconsistent datatype when getting MPI rank

parent 2ec8e44c
......@@ -695,15 +695,13 @@ module elpa_impl
call self%get("mpi_comm_cols", mpi_comm_cols,error)
if (check_elpa_get(error, ELPA_ERROR_SETUP)) return
process_rowMPI = int(process_row,kind=c_int)
call mpi_comm_rank(int(mpi_comm_rows,kind=MPI_KIND), process_rowMPI, mpierr)
process_row = int(process_rowMPI,kind=MPI_KIND)
process_row = int(process_rowMPI,kind=c_int)
call self%set("process_row", process_row, error)
if (check_elpa_set(error, ELPA_ERROR_SETUP)) return
process_colMPI = int(process_col,kind=c_int)
call mpi_comm_rank(int(mpi_comm_cols,kind=MPI_KIND), process_colMPI, mpierr)
process_col = int(process_colMPI,kind=MPI_KIND)
process_col = int(process_colMPI,kind=c_int)
call self%set("process_col", process_col, error)
if (check_elpa_set(error, ELPA_ERROR_SETUP)) return
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