Unverified Commit 3a623dd3 authored by Andreas Marek's avatar Andreas Marek
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Remove potential memory leak in ELPA

Andreas Gloess informed us about a memory leak in ELPA, which was
introduced in version 2013.11.008.

This memory leak is removed now again.

Note, that older versions of ELPA will not be fixed right now.
parent 140e50cd
......@@ -1729,9 +1729,9 @@ subroutine tridiag_band_real(na, nb, nblk, a, lda, d, e, mpi_comm_rows, mpi_comm
if (iblk==nblocks) then
call mpi_wait(ireq_hv,MPI_STATUS_IGNORE,mpierr)
call mpi_wait(ireq_hv,MPI_STATUS,mpierr)
call mpi_wait(ireq_ab,MPI_STATUS_IGNORE,mpierr)
call mpi_wait(ireq_hv,MPI_STATUS_IGNORE,mpierr)
hv_s(1) = tau_new
hv_s(2:) = hv_new(2:)
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