Commit 2ca871e3 authored by Andreas Marek's avatar Andreas Marek
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Use default(none) in elpa1_tridiag

parent a0d5d730
......@@ -581,8 +581,17 @@ subroutine tridiag_&
call obj%timer%start("OpenMP parallel")
!$OMP PARALLEL PRIVATE(my_thread,n_threads,n_iter,i,l_col_beg,l_col_end,j,l_row_beg,l_row_end)
!todo : check whether GPU implementation with large matrix multiply is beneficial
! for a larger number of threads; could be addressed with autotuning if this
! is the case
!$omp parallel &
!$omp num_threads(max_threads) &
!$omp default(none) &
!$omp private(my_thread,n_threads,n_iter,i,l_col_beg,l_col_end,j,l_row_beg,l_row_end) &
!$omp shared(useGPU, isSkewsymmetric, cudaMemcpyDeviceToHost, successCuda, u_row, u_row_dev, &
!$omp & v_row, v_row_dev, v_col, v_col_dev, u_col, u_col_dev, a_dev, a_offset, &
!$omp& max_local_cols, max_local_rows, obj, wantDebug, l_rows_per_tile, l_cols_per_tile, &
!$omp& matrixRows, istep, tile_size, l_rows, l_cols, ur_p, uc_p, a_mat)
my_thread = omp_get_thread_num()
n_threads = omp_get_num_threads()
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