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Update documentation: choice of MPI compiler wrappers

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......@@ -41,7 +41,31 @@ The configure installation is best done in four steps
elpa2-kernel, each is optimized and tuned for a different
1.1) Choice of ELPA2 kernels
1.1) Choice of MPI compiler (wrappers)
It is mandatory that the C and C++ parts are compiled with the
GNU C, C++ compilers. Thus, all ELPA test programs which are written
in C must be compiled and linked with the MPI compiler (wrapper) which uses
the GNU C compilers.
The Fortran parts of ELPA can be compiled with any Fortran compiler of
your choice. It is for example quite common to compile the Fortran part
with the Intel Fortran compiler but the C,C++ parts must be compiled with
the GNU compilers.
Thus special care has to be taken that the correct MPI compiler (wrappers)
are found by the autotools! The configure script tries to find the correct
wrappers automatically, but sometimes it will fail.
In these cases it is necessary to set these compilers by hand:
../configure FC=fortran_compiler_wrapper_of_your_choice CC=gnu_compiler_wrapper
will tell autotools which wrappers to take.
1.2) Choice of ELPA2 kernels
With the release of ELPA (2014.06 or newer) it is _not_
mandatory any more to define the (real and complex) kernels
......@@ -59,7 +83,7 @@ The configure installation is best done in four steps
file "./src/elpa2_kernels/README_elpa2_kernels.txt".
1.2 Setting up Blacs/Scalapack
1.3) Setting up Blacs/Scalapack
The configure script tries to auto-detect an installed Blacs/Scalapack
library. If this is successful, you do not have to specify anything
......@@ -93,7 +117,7 @@ The configure installation is best done in four steps
the configure procedure will check whether Blacs/Scalapack is available
at build-time and try to link with it.
1.3 Setting optimizations
1.4) Setting optimizations
Please set the optimisation that you prefer with the
......@@ -133,18 +157,18 @@ The configure installation is best done in four steps
./configure CFLAGS="-O2 -mavx2 -mfma" CXXFLAGS="-O2 -mavx2 -mfma" FCFLAGS="-O2" --with-avx-optimization
1.4 Installation location
1.5) Installation location
Set the "--prefix" flag if you wish another installation location than
the default "/usr/local/".
1.5 Hybrid OpenMP support
1.6) Hybrid OpenMP support
If you want to use the hybrid MPI/OpenMP version of ELPA please specify
"--enable-openmp". Note that the ELPA library will then contain a "_mt" in
it's name to indicate multi threading support.
1.6 Other
1.7) Other
Note, that at the moment we do not officially support "cross compilation"
although it should work.
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