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Error in man page for elpa_mult_at_b_real

parent 07fddc5d
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
.ad l
elpa_mult_at_b \- Performs C = transpose(A) * B
elpa_mult_at_b_real \- Performs C = transpose(A) * B
......@@ -102,4 +102,4 @@ use elpa1
Does c = transpose(a) * b. The ELPA communicators \fBmpi_comm_rows\fP and \fBmpi_comm_cols\fP are obtained with the \fBget_elpa_communicators\fP(3) function.
\fBget_elpa_communicators\fP(3) \fBelpa_mult_ah_b_complex\fP(3)
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